Ultimate Manuel Dietrich Photography Mobile Preset Bundle

Ultimate Manuel Dietrich Photography Mobile Preset Bundle


This is the ultimate Lightroom preset bundle that will help you to add a high quality look to your travel and adventure photos. Start your photo editing from a whole new level and save the time you were struggling to find the perfect settings. 

Inspired by my latest travels around the world I developed these presets through thousands of photos and put together three different collections that will fit for nearly every situation.

Go get yourself the perfect look!

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  • 23 Lightroom Presets in total including:


1. Manuel Dietrich Photography Presets (Wanderlust)

  • Canadian Vibes (vibrant colours with a special look)
  • Cold Ocean Breeze (cold blue tones for seascapes and waterfalls)
  • Explorer (the ultimate preset for wide landscapes and forests)
  • Galactic Impact (a special edit for nightphotography and milky way shots)
  • Lake Side (get the most out of your lake photos)
  • Moody Winter (for snowscapes)
  • Mountain Glow (perfect for sunrise and sunset shots in the mountains)
  • Vibrant Greens (get yourself some scottish mood)
  • Warm Sunset (warm tones for the golden hours)
  • Western Wanderlust (faded look with a warm tint for your travel photos)


2. Manuel Dietrich Photography Presets (Summer)

  • Sunrise Serenade (get the most out of your sunrise and sunset photos)
  • Beach Tan (warm skin tones for the best holiday feeling)
  • Desert Sand (washed out adventure look)
  • Ocean's Wave (beautiful blue tones)
  • Orient Colours (vibrant colours with a spicy touch)
  • Summer Night (perfect for blue hour shots)
  • Vintage Velvet (warm vintage summer look)


3. Manuel Dietrich Photography Presets (Winter)

  • Blue Myth (mystical edit with the extra touch of blue)
  • Cosy Warmth (warm vintage colours for a cosy wintery feeling)
  • Lady Aurora (bring your Northern Lights photos to a whole new level)
  • Moody Snow (perfect for snowy landscapes without direct sunlight)
  • Star Night (the ultimate preset for nightphotography in a winter scenery)
  • Winter Morning (get the most out of colourful sunrises and sunsets in the winter season)


The presets are compatible with Lightroom Mobile on iOS and Android. They work with RAW images as well as JPEG's.


(The transfer of the presets to third parties is strictly prohibited and punishable.)

Ultimate Manuel Dietrich Photography Mobile Preset Bundle



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    1. Unzip the folder with the presets.
    2. Send the '.dng’-files to your phone (via airdrop on iOS or Dropbox on Android)
    3. Open up Lightroom on your phone and import the ’.dng‘ - files (in some cases it may happen that the previews won’t show up, but that’s not a problem)
    4. Open one of the '.dng’ photos, click on the little icon with the three dots in the upper right corner and hit ’create preset’.
    5. Name the preset, create a new preset folder for better organization and save it.
    6. To edit a photo you now simply have to scroll the lower menu all the way to the right to find all your presets when clicking on the ’preset‘ icon.
    • Cinematic Looks
    • High Quality Edits
    • Gorgeous Colors
    • Perfect for Travelers & Bloggers
    • One-click Solutions for your Travel and Adventure Photos