Location scouting

The biggest task today was definitely not to overhear my phone trying to wake me up at 4:10 am this morning!! The schedule for today was to find a nice location from where I could take some awesome sunrise shots. I've actually never heard of the castle I was heading for. After doing some research the day before I found out that this old ruine called 'Wegelnburg' near Nothweiler in Germany was even the highest castle in palatinate, which made me quite curious to be honest.

As for that I got into car driving past several little villages and leaving some really narrow roads behind me. After parking my car along a street directly at the border to France I found myself trying to find the right track which will hopefully lead to the castle. This little hike lasted for about half an honour and wasn't actually to bad to walk. At around 6:20 am I finally reached the top facing an enormous panorama above the palatinate forest.

It was simply magical to see the valleys disappear under the sea of fog. 10 minutes later the whole scenery was enlightened by the very first rays of the sun which eventually created an unreal looking dreamworld.

Now was the point I couldn't be stopped. I just got my camera out of my bag and started to try to capture this beauty.

I finally ended up choosing this beautiful shot as my favourite one for today:

As a conclusion I can totally recommand that place if you're ever around this corner of Germany. It's worth every step you have to take to get up there! It couldn't be any better than being rewarded with such a view. However one little note I still have to give you: If you now think why getting up in the middle of the night for "only" capturing a sunrise and not heading to the top when it's around afternoon..

As the sun got it's track from east to west it unfortunately won't be in your picture trying to shoot it at sunset ;)

If you guys have any recommandable locations feel free to post them in the comments.

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