Instagram - a new way to go

The end of cropping your images or bracketing them in annoying whitespaces. Today Instagram dropped the tyranny of the square!

Ever since my very first post on instagram there was something I wasn't quite happy about. Whenever I had an amazing panoramic view or just a beautiful landscape I wanted to share with you guys there was the limit of the 1:1 aspect ratio. Sometimes it really freaked me out. I spent so much time and effort on getting the right composition in my 3:2 images. It was so hard to get over this and to crop them down.

Some of you may have used different apps putting some white or black borders around it in order to keep that kind of portrait or landscape image and not having to crop one of your friends out of your group-pic. But was this really what you wanted your picture to look like? Probably not, it just looks ridiculous!

Now we are finally given the chance to display our photos as they were supposed to look like. Here's how you do it..

Simply hit the frame button in the bottom left corner of your choosen image which appears in the new version of Instagram. And there you go: No more white borders or cropping where actually no cropping had to be done! However if you still want to keep your squares, that's fine as well. You can easily adjust your image.

Nevertheless Instagram decided to remain on the usual look of the galleries. Here you still have the squares, which I think was definitely the right choice. On top of that your videos now won't lose their cinematic feel. You don't have to be worried about centering your subject or feared of cropping anything out of the video which actually was meant to be in there.

For me Instagram totally did the right step!

What about you, what are your thoughts or first impressions on the new upgrade?

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