What to bring to Patagonia (sponsored by Globetrotter)

In less than two weeks I'm hitting the road again and start my biggest tour this year. The destination this time: Patagonia in South America. A place I've been wanting to go to since I've started photography. I simply can't wait to explore all the picturesque landscapes and get to know the local culture of Chile and Argentina! As a little insight into my packing routine I put together the following list that will help you to prepare for such an adventure and to get an idea of what I'm usually bringing with me on my outdoor tours.

1. Backpack & Bags

One of the most important things is by far a good hiking backpack to carry all your essentials and your additional camping gear. It should be lightweight, comfortable and robust at the same time.

- Backpack Deuter Aircontact 75+10:

This backpack already served me well on various tours around the globe and never disappointed. With an additional camera inlay e.g. F-stop Pro ICU Large it turns into the perfect trekking camera backpack that will insure the safety of your gear.

- Raincover Deuter Raincover:

Especially when you're traveling to places like Patagonia where the weather is really unpredictable you shouldn't forget to bring a decent rain cover that fits perfectly over your backpack and even your attached camping gear to keep it dry.

- Day Bag or Camera Bag:

For any shorter hikes or quick stops in the city to get some groceries a smaller backpack like the classic Fjällräven Kanken is a must-bring! In my case it's most of the time the Manfrotto Bumblebee 230 PL that prevents my camera gear from being damaged or getting wet.

- Dry Bag Sea to Summit Big River:

These dry bags totally changed the way I travel. They come in different sizes (8l, 13l, 20l...) and colors and help you organize your clothes and keep them dry and clean wherever you go. If you plan any outdoor activities that include water like kayaking or rafting these dry bags are also the perfect way to keep your equipment safe.

2. Camping Gear

- Tent MSR Elixir 2:

For everyone who doesn't always need a cosy hotel room and who really wants to get the most out of his adventure by camping in free nature a tent is essential. Since the best way to spend the nights in the national parks of 'Los Glaciares' and 'Torres del Paine' is indeed in a tent on one of their camping grounds I'll definitely bring mine with me. It should be easy to set up, lightweight as you have to carry it around and it should still stand the harsh Patagonian weather at the same time.

- Sleeping Bag Mountain Equipment Classic 500:

Just as important as your tent is a good sleeping bag. The biggest problem on all of my tours around the globe is always to keep my gear as lightweight and compact as possible. Since I'm carrying at least 10kilos of camera equipment all the time I can't spend too much weight on my camping gear. That's why I picked the Mountain Equipment Classic 500. It's a really light down sleeping bag that keeps you perfectly warm no matter what kind of weather you'll face. And a good night of sleep is definitely not something you will miss out on.

- Sleeping Mat FRILUFTS Ris 3.8:

This also applies for your sleeping mat: the smaller and lighter the better! I never had a sleeping mat before that was as compressible as this one and still comfortable enough to enjoy your nights. It's the perfect travel companion for your outdoor camping adventures such as for my Patagonia trip.

- Camping Dishes Primus Campfire Cookset:

This cookset makes cooking as well as transport easy. Thanks to the foldable handles and sizes of each pot you can stack them together without any problem.

- Camping Relags Biwak Survival:

The perfect compact cutlery kit for your camping adventure.

- Camping Stove Primus Duo:

The Classic Primus Stove is always a good choice to get your meal or water ready for lunch/dinner.

3. Hiking Shoes

- Meindl Vakuum Men GTX:

Having tested them out over the past few weeks I'm sure that they will keep my feet dry and comfortable while hiking through the Patagonian mountains. Tip: always try your new hiking shoes over the course of several weeks before going on a bigger adventure. The shoes need some time to adjust to your feet. Otherwise you will probably get some bad blisters that can ruin your whole tour.

4. Clothes

When I'm traveling and going on adventures like this one I always stick to the famous "onion look". It's much easier to combine different layers to meet different environments than trying to find the perfect clothes for every kind of weather. Keep in mind: concerning clothes there will never be the perfect allrounder that is as versatile as the "onion look".

- Hardshell Jacket Fjällräven Keb Eco-Shell:

This jacket is my new favorite for harsh unpredictable weather. It's perfectly wind- and water-resistant while being really lightweight. This jacket is always my top layer when it comes to rain showers or heavy wind gusts.

- Softshell Jacket Arc'teryx Cerium LT Hoody Men:

A kind of jacket that shouldn't be missing in your backpack. It's perfect as a second layer under your hardshell jacket to keep you extra warm on colder days. Furthermore it's compressible up to the size of your hand and fits easily in any bag.

- Trekking Trousers Fjällräven Keb Trousers:

The perfect trousers for advanced trekking and hiking tours in the mountains.

- Fleece Fjällräven Abisko Trail:

In addition to your hardshell and softshell jackets a fleece is always handy to have for warmer days you don't

- Rain Jacket FRILUFTS Haifoss Jacket:

The perfect lightweight add-on for rainy days and classic Instagram photos.

- Beanie Arc'teryx Vestigio:

Especially helpful for windy and cold environments like glaciers or mountains.

5. Accessories

- Headlamp Nitecore HC60:

I basically never leave without my headlamp. Either for preparing your dinner, setting up your tent or hiking in the night, a headlamp is a must-bring!

- Multitool Leatherman Wingman:

Perfect for emergencies or fixing things.

- Microfibre Towel FRILUFTS:

Light, compact and easy to dry.

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